Thoroughly European

Everything from beer poured into the right style glass
to the radio station’s German beats to its little quirky details,
Döner Bistro is your first class ticket.

It’s your day, your life; you deserve a little fun :-)

    Savor          — & —

    with a health conscience mind:

  • Sea salt
  • Natural ingredients*
  • No High Fructose
    Corn Syrup*
  • 0g Trans Fat Omega-9 Oil
  • No preservatives*
  • *Except Coca Cola products, condiments and Spezial sauce


    by using biodegradable &
    recycled materials:

  • Cups / Lids
  • Straws
  • Knives
  • To go boxes
  • Napkins
  • Food trays
  • To go bags
  • Paper towels / Toilet paper

But what the f*** is a Döner?

The Döner Kebab (meaning “turning meat”) is a traditional Turkish dish served with rice on a platter.

In the 1970’s, a Turkish entrepreneur in Germany altered this dish by stuffing the Döner meat into a flatbread with salad and sauce.

This form better suited the German taste and hectic lifestyle, and its popularity quickly spread from Germany throughout Europe into Australia, Canada and across the world.

Our version of the meat cones are made in house.
We do not use pre-processed meat, fillers or preservatives.

All our menu items are made to order right in front of your eyes!

The story behind Döner Bistro

1. One day Timo decided to visit Nicole in the USA from Germany.

2. Upon arrival, Timo became hungry for a Döner,
German’s #1 fast food.

3. Nicole told him there were very few Döner places in America,
and thus mission Döner USA was born!

4. The pair bought a van named Bob and started selling
Döner around town.

5. To get their Döner fix, people followed them around the county.

6. Nicole and Timo searched for a more permanent home for their Döner.

7. People loved the new location

8. The end (for now :-) )