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"A real Döner needs a real Beer"

On tap

Warsteiner Pilsener:
Full bodied, clean and crisp

Veltins Pilsener:
Golden bodied, well balanced note of malt and hops, refreshing

Weihenstephaner Wheat Beer:
From the oldest brewery in the world founded in 1040 A.D.

Köstritzer Black Lager:
Smooth and malty

Organic Drinks

Schneider Edelweiss & BIONADE


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In bottles

Jever Pilsener:
From northern Germany with a nice bitter taste (hoppy)

Unertl Weissbier
Unpasteurized Wheatbeer from a German craft brewery. Open fermentation and the use of 70% wheat malt creating a full bodied Taste of almond, banana and yeast.

Gaffel Kölsch:
From Cologne with a light malty sweetness

Bitburger Pilsener:
Hoppy taste, but lighter than Jever

Erdinger Urweisse:
Top fermented Wheatbeer, brewed after a 120 year old recipe. Particularly strong, spicy aroma and a distinctive yeast flavor.

Effes Pilsener:
Our Turkish beer as an homage to the inventors of the Döner

Weihenstephan Pils
Pilsener from the oldest brewery in the world. Slightly hoppy, mild and crisp with a clean finish.

Einbecker Maibock:
Medium strong Bockbier with amber color

Eggenberg Natur Trüb:
Unfiltered Pils, brewed after a 200 year old recipe. Smooth and bready grains with a touch of lemon.

Franziskaner Wheat:
Banana and clove taste with a hint of citrus at the end

Erdinger Wheat:
Banana and vanilla taste with a citrus finish


Erdinger Dark Wheat:
Mix of wheat and Guinness with a roasted malt flavor

Weihenstephaner Kristall:
Clear filtered wheat beer. The only beer that is served with a lemon

Schneider Edelweiss:
Organic wheat beer with a bready taste and a touch of peaches in the end

Doppelbock with a banana and butterscotch taste

Ettaler Helles:
Maltier than pilsener, but less hoppy with a slightly sweet flavor

Ettaler Curator:
Doppelbock with a smoky and fruity flavor and minimal carbonation


Liquid Gold from Northern-Germany. Comes as a Pils, Wheat, Dunkel or Gold


Best non-alcoholic beew in the world - you can't taste the difference

Schlenkerla Rauchbier

Excellent balance of sweet malt and smoke. If you like bacon, you will love this beer

HB Dunkel

THE dark lager. Bready and biscuity malt with some toffee and earthy hops.

Maisels Weisse

Lighter Wheat beer with an amber color, citric aroma a dry, smooth finish

Wine by the glass or bottle

Featuring a red and white rare-find treat for your senses:
such as a Small Hill from Austria, a Chenin Blanc from a German Vineyard in South Africa and a 2010 St.Urbans-Hof Riesling from Germany.

Nuernberger Christkindl Gluehwein (seasonal)
Hot spiced red wine to warm you up this winter and get you in the mood for the Christmas season

European club scene favorite RedBull and Prosecco
... party like it’s hot

Wine by the half bottle

Anton Bauer Gruener Veltiner:
White wine based in the Donauland reflecting the soil and climate of the region

Anton Bauer uses ecological cultivation, bio-fertilization and yield reduction to guarantee the best possible harvest


Mix your own Spezi with 50% Fanta and 50% Coca Cola